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Charcoal Biryani: Two flavourful years

Charcoal Biryani: Two flavourful years

Celebrating two years of serving delectable biryanis and gourmet pizzas

We just celebrated our second anniversary! Yeah, Charcoal Biryani is two years old. Bet you ask our CEO, journey through this second year was exactly like of a toddler, fondly called  ‘terrible twos’ by all mothers.

We are a young company and part of being young is making mistakes. As George Bernard Shaw said,

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.”

We are surely here to succeed. Thus our learnings have always translated into growth.

While the first year was spent doing ground work and building deep foundations, this year was all about rapid growth. Growth in team, expanding to 14 outlets across Mumbai, from 6 to 10+ aromatic biryanis and starters, adding pizzas under Chilli Flakes brand, setting up an in-house customer service team for better customer experience, building our own delivery team to ensure quicker delivery, introducing  Charcoal Eats as the online ordering destination….


Looks like a long exhaustive list, right? Ask us, it was a roller coaster ride: thrilling, suspenseful, and exhilarating. The obsession with delighting customers, serving the best quality food and singular focus of building a world class QSR have been our North Star.

Margherita Pizza from Chiliflakes
Puff Crust Pizza, a Chilli Flakes exclusive

In all honesty, we all had our share of hits and misses. But always what kept us together and going was the strong belief, ‘Ho jayega’.

Whether it was overseeing the flyer distribution at 3.00 am (We took the proverb ‘the early bird…’ very seriously), or the tech team getting the POS ready in the shortest possible time with the smallest possible team (well, we believe in optimum utilisation of resources!), the team never said not possible, they always said, ‘Ho jayega!’

Now, we enter the third year with a transformation into a pan India QSR brand with casual dine- in outlets, not just in Mumbai but in many key cities across the country.

With the Pune Kalyani Nagar outlet already live, and Delhi NCR and Nasik coming up in October, we continue to take baby steps to ensure the toddlers, Charcoal Biryani and Chilli Flakes, grow into India’s premier QSR brands.

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