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Charcoal Eats At Kemps Corner


As we reach out to new destinations across the country, we are happy to announce the opening of our dine-in outlet, serving Charcoal Biryani and Chilli Flakes, at Kemp’s Corner, Warden Road, Mumbai.


After two years of enjoying doorstep delivery of their favourite biryanis and pizzas, residents of Kemp’s Corner, can now walk in to the Charcoal Eats outlet at Shop No. 16, Chinoy Mansion, Warden Road, (Mukesh Chowk) for a delicious Charcoal Eats experience.


So, whether you crave for your favourite Chicken or Veg Biryani; or a Bombay Masala pizza, simply walk in to our dine-in outlet. Choose from Veg/Non-veg biryanis, gourmet pizzas, starters, fries, beverages and desserts

You can also order delivery at, download the Charcoal Eats app or call our customer care at +91 90225 00500/ +91 9820420459.


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